About Me

Melissa Hopper

My interest in yoga has been lifelong.  I began my yoga experience as most do with a random home practice of yoga DVDs and occasionally attending a studio class.

In 2014 I found a welcoming and loving yoga community through Awaken Yoga in Mentor, Ohio. There I began a consistent practice. My practice made me more aware of my body, its limitations but also its amazing abilities for healing. I have been able to relieve a chronic neck pain that I had struggled with since injury in 2008.  A pain I was told would never go away. This inspired me to share my practice with others as a teacher.

I completed both Hatha and Vinyasa yoga studies and have been teaching since 2015.   My dream is to share my love of Yoga with my family, friends, and community! Please join me for a series of classes or drop in to one of my classes throughout Lake County.

You can reach me directly at (216) 536-9906.


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